Tutorials: How to create Simple Glassy Ball

Here I want to show you how to create simple glassy Mac OS X related ball using Photoshop.

Photoshop Yellow ball1. First we must create circle with gradient. It must be complex, of minimum 3 color points.

  • Select Ellipse Tool and holding down Shift draw circle
  • In Layers window press Add A Layer Style and select Gradient Overlay
  • Click on gradient to edit it
  • Create few points with colors similar to this


Yellow round2. We put our ball on white surface, so it must be shined by environment.

  • Add A Layer Style -> Inner Glow

Yellow inner glow

3. Creating main light reflection. If our ball is made from glass, it must reflect source of light without blur and reflection must have clear border. Like it is in Mac OS X interace and some icons.

  • Yellow Circle Create Ellipse
  • In Layers window press Add A Layer Mask Yellow Glassy Ball
  • Select Mask by clicking on Layer Mask Thumbnail (in Tools window Background and Foreground colors will change on black and white, because mask can be only in grayscale mode. More black - more transparency)
  • Select Gradient Tool
  • Choose Radial Gradient
  • Drag over the shape to create gradient mask. Remember that borders must be visible, so you must drag mouse next it.

Yellow Glassy Ball


4. Shadow. To create shadow we will use also shape with radial gradient.

  • Create circle (shadow must be of ball's color, because it is transparent)
  • Add Mask
  • Create radial gradient mask like this
  • Deselect mask by clicking on Vector Mask Thumbnail
  • Transform it to make something like this (Cmd+T)


Yellow Glassy Ball5. Creating caustic.

  • Duplicate layer
  • Change its color on light-yellow
  • Transform to make it much smaller

Glassy Mac OS X ball result6. To Make our ball much realistic, we must add reflection of white surface.

  • Duplicate first circle
  • Right mouse button on layer -> Clear Layer Style
  • Double click on Layer Thumbnail
  • Change color to white
  • Select Vector Mask Thumbnail
  • Draw one more ellipse holding Alt to make new shape Subtractive
  • Add Layer Mask
  • Make radial gradient in layer mask


Here you can download psd source (72kB) >> How to create Glassy Ball in Photoshop - Yellow Smile

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