Classic 512x512

Classic 512x512 - set of 120 high quality icons with max size 512×512 px. Icons are perfect for software toolbar, web site, printings, GUI design or presentations

Icon Sizes: 512×512, 256×256, 128×128, 48×48, 32×32, 16×16 pixels

Icon formats: PNG

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Megaphone Icon

Megaphone icon

Warning Icon

Warning icon

Red Flag Icon

Red Flag icon

 Lock Icon

Lock icon

Clipboard Icon

Clipboard icon

Info Icon

Info icon

Basket Icon, Shop

Basket icon

Font Icon, A-Letter

Font icon

Burn Icon

Burn icon

Calendar Icon

Calendar icon

Hard Drive Icon

Hard Drive icon

Plus Icon

Plus icon

Compact Disc Icon, CD

Compact Disc icon

Chat Icon, Forum

Chat icon

Clock Icon

Clock icon

Home Icon

Home icon

Umbrella Icon, Protection

Umbrella icon

Light Bulb Icon

Light Bulb icon

Download Icon

Download icon

Light Bulb Off Icon

Light Bulb Off icon

Broom Icon

Broom icon

Calculator Icon

Calculator icon

Cancel Icon

Cancel icon

Printer Icon

Printer icon

Monitor Icon

Monitor icon

Address Book Icon

Address Book icon

Binocular Icon

Binocular icon

Life Belt Icon, Support

Life Belt icon

Delete Icon

Delete icon

OK Icon

OK icon

Database Icon

Database icon

Database Delete Icon

Database Delete icon

Database Add Icon

Database Add icon

Database Decrease Icon

Database Decrease icon

Help Icon

Help icon

Spray Can Icon

Spray Can icon

Favorite Icon, Heart

Favourite icon

Clapperboard Icon, Movie

Clapperboard icon

Mail Write Icon

E-Mail Write icon

E-Mail Icon

E-Mail icon

Camera Icon, photo

Camera icon

New Document Icon

New Document icon

Document Write Icon

Edit icon

Zoom Icon

Zoom icon

Picture Icon

Picture icon

Box Icon

Box icon

Lock Icon 2

Lock icon 2

Play Icon

Play icon

Note Icon, Music

Note icon

Stop Icon


Arrow Up Icon

Arrow Up icon

Arrow Left Icon

Arrow Left icon

Arrow Right Icon

Arrow Right icon

Arrow Down Icon

Arrow Down icon

Wrench Icon, Spanner

Wrench icon

User Icon

User icon

Globe Icon

Globe icon

Delete Icon 2

Delete icon 2

Paper Clip Icon

Paper Clip icon

Pencil Icon, Edit Document

Pencil icon

Key Icon

Key icon

Network Icon

Network icon

Plus Icon 2

Plus icon 2

Minus Icon

Minus icon

Hammer Icon

Hammer icon

Hammer Play Icon

Hammer Play icon

Hammer Pause Icon

Hammer Pause

Hard Drive Format Icon

Hard Drive Format icon

Hard Drive Globe Icon

Hard Drive Globe icon

Hard Drive Download Icon

Hard Drive Download icon

Clapperboard Icon, Movie time

Clapperboard icon

Gear Icon, Settings

Gear icon

Scissors Icon

Scissors icon

Screwdriver Icon

Screwdriver icon

Favourite Icon, Star

Favourite icon 2

Document Delete Icon

Document Delete icon

Document Copy Icon

Document Copy icon

Document Add Icon

Document Add icon

Calendar Icon Month

Calendar icon

Note Icon, Music 2

Note icon 2

Spectrum Icon, Palette

Spectrum icon

Mail Open Icon

E-Mail Open icon

Mail Send Icon

E-Mail Send icon

Mail Icon 2

E-Mail icon 2

Microphone Icon

Microphone icon

Box Download Icon

Box Download icon

Green Icon Round

Green Round icon

Blue Icon Round

Blue Round

Yellow Icon Round

Yellow Round icon

Red Icon Round

Red Round icon

Postage Stamp Icon

Postage Stamp icon

Magic Wand Icon

Magic Wand icon

Smile Icon

Smile icon

Tape Film Icon

Tape Film icon

Screwdrive Wrench Icon, Tool

Screwdrive Wrench icon

Chart Icon

Chart icon

Pie Chart Icon

Pie Chart icon

Recycle Bin Full Icon

Recycle Bin Full icon

Recycle Bin Icon

Recycle Bin icon

Recycle Bin Delete Icon

Recycle Bin Delete icon

Flag Green Icon

Green Flag icon

Flag Yellow Icon

Yellow Flag icon

Flag Blue Icon

Blue Flag icon

User Add Icon

User Add icon

User Delete Icon

User Delete icon

User Write Icon

User Write icon

User Support Icon

User Support icon

Users Forum Icon

Users icon

Basket Add Icon, Buy

Basket Add icon

Basket Delete Icon

Basket Delete icon

Zoom In Icon

Zoom In icon

Zoom Out Icon

Zoom Out icon

Folder Icon

Folder icon

Folder Delete Icon

Folder Delete icon

Folder Add Icon

Folder Add icon

CD Note Icon, Music

CD Note icon

CD Burn Icon

CD Burn icon

Shield Icon, Security

Shield icon

Favourite Add Icon

Favourite Add icon

Compass Icon

Compass icon