Classic 512x512

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Classic 512x512 - set of 48 high quality icons with max size 512×512 px. Icons are perfect for software toolbar, web site, printings, GUI design or presentations

Icon Sizes: 1024x1024 pixels

Icon formats: PNG

Giftofvision - Sneakers search engine | Autres
icons - truck, alarm, balance, purse, car, update reload, speaker, gavel, pin, console icons - flask, magnet, sand glass, brush, marker, drawer, midi, safe, teddy bear, pen icons - gold coins, notebook, earth, briefcase bag, script, earth clouds, sun cloud, sun, rain cloud, snow cloud icons - pencil ruler, domestic house, buildings, brush, ladybird, ruler, script play, script stop, pen write, dynamics loudspeaker icons - sticker, sun glasses, signal traffic light, earth meridian, memo book, record play, note mark, pen notebook